Dawson Corporation

A member of the Kosmonet Enterprises group.

Kosmonet Enterprises



  • Weaponry
  • Shielding
  • Propulsion



Product portfolio


The Dawson Corporation offers a wide range of weapon systems. Among our most valued products are plasma guns and the Arrowhead™. 


Our shielding is among the best in the known universe. Our products cover the full range of personal kinetic armour up to ship-board shield generators able to withstand stellar plasma.  


In close cooperation with Stardust Industries, we have developed top-class military propulsion systems. These include sub-light systems such as our combined fusion cycle and faster-than-light systems such as the slipstream drive.


The Dawson Corporation has a long tradition of working with its customers to develop and maintain the best defense system for their needs. To know more about our full range of service options, please contact one of our local service representatives.